The re­search center is a co­operative project of five Hessian research insti­tutes:

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Regional Anchoring meets Inter­national Visibility

With the estab­lish­ment of the regional research center in Hesse, the partici­pating partner institu­tions strengthen their existing co­operation and bundle their expertise. The idea for this joint project arose in the con­text of the close co­­operation between PRIF and Goethe University (through the re­search center Normative Orders and the cluster initiative ConTrust) as well as in the close ex­change between the partner institutions involved. By deve­l­oping a thematic profile and establishing per­ma­nent series of events, the Hessian institutions are creating a re­gional center of ex­cellence for research, teaching and know­­ledge transfer that is inter­­nationally visible and syste­mati­cally con­tributes to the contain­­ment and pre­vention of political violence.

Inter­disciplinarity in Action

The Center brings together disci­plinary pers­pec­tives from political science, sociology, history and law, social anthro­pology, social psychology, cultural and linguistic studies, and computer science, as well as various methodo­­logical approaches.