During the summer semester 2024, the TraCe lecture series titled "Violence as a Global Challenge?" will pro­vide an interdisciplinary insight into the current dynamics of political violence at Technical University Darmstadt. 

The lecture series begins with a focus on forms and practices of violence and war, particu­larly in relation to current events in Ukraine and the Gaza Strip. Further lectures are dedicated to the analysis of protests as an ex­pression of violence in urban society. This will be followed by an exami­nation of urban violence, terrorism and urbicide, followed by a dis­cussion of ecological violence. In this context, the effects of new technologies such as AI and drones will also be addressed. The in­stitutional perspec­tive will be deepened by a lecture on state violence, particularly including the role of the police. Other lectures will take a look at the function of science and ex­perts regar­ding political violence and shed light on networks and social media in this context. Interpre­tations of political violence are expanded by focusing on domestic violence and the analy­sis of fan violence in the context of social violence in soccer.

Starting on April 24, 2024, the lecture series will take place weekly on Wednesdays from 18:05 to 19:45 in the Kaisersaal of Darm­stadt Technical University's castle. With a few ex­ceptions, the lectures will be held in German. The lecture series will be streamed live on our YouTube-Channel

More information will follow soon.

The TraCe lecture series of winter semester 2023/2024 will take place at Justus Liebig University Giessen. Titled "Arguing Violence. Making Peace.", every second Wednesday evening, researchers will discuss their research projects. Different aspects of political violence and peacebuilding will be explored from a historical, legal or linguistic perspective. The lecture series will be held in person and in English. The lectures will be streamed live on our YouTube channel and will be made available as recordings.


A critical examination of phenomena and trans­formations of political violence also requires conversations with those individuals and groups who experience violence. The lecture series at the Center for Gender Studies and Feminist Futures Studies at the Philipps University Marburg there­fore opens up a space for an inter­disciplinary exchange between academics and activists.

The lecture series is affiliated with TraCe. It is co-organized by TraCe researcher Mariel Reiss and ties in with her research in Research Area 3. Topics from the TraCe lecture series of the winter semester 2022/23 will also be addressed. Some lectures are also part of the Pretoria-Marburg Queer Conversations (PMQC).

Plakat der Ringvorlesung

In the winter semester 22/23, TraCe will provide an overview of research on political violence from a wide range of disciplinary, methodological, and political perspectives. Every Tuesday afternoon, internationally renowned researchers present their work and report on their research projects. The lecture series will be held in person and in English. There will be Livestreams of the lectures on our YouTube channel.