Dr. Mariel Reiss

Research Associate

Foto von Mariel Reiss vor grünem Hintergrund

Taking a feminist perspective, I dis­cuss the colonial legacies of anti-LGBTIQ+ policies, laws and norms.

In my research, I work from a feminist perspective on the complex relation­ship between changing patterns of inter­pretation and justifi­cation of political violence with a specific focus on LGBTIQ+ persons in Eastern and Southern Africa. I dis­cuss the multifaceted colonial legacies of anti-LGBTIQ+ policies, laws and norms as well as their inter­pretations and re-interpretations. I am particularly interested in pro­cesses of change in the field of social norms, legal practices and the relation­ship to political violence and the role of political and religious in­stitutions and actors. Further­more, my research aims to bridge the gap between scholars and activists in the dis­cussions and discourses around (structural) violence against LGBTIQ+ persons and to con­tribute to providing spaces which en­able interdisciplinary exchange.

Research Area Interpretations: 3.1 Interpretation of Violence