Dr León Castellanos-Jankiewicz

JLU Giessen | September 2023

As a Visiting Fellow with TraCe, I focus on due diligence in arms trade.

In my research at the Asser Institute for International and European Law in The Hague, I examine the human rights implications of ir­responsible arms trade. In particular, I am con­cerned with the access to remedies for gun victims through trans­national civil litigation, focusing on legal remedies avail­able across European juris­dictions for harm occuring in third states. This is not only the focus of my aca­demic work, but also in a practical capacity as supervisor of the Inter­national Law Clinic on Access to Justice for Gun Violence at the Uni­versity of Amsterdam. During my fellowship with TraCe, I aim to con­tribute to discussions about due diligence in relation to the arms trade and en­gage with scholars and stakeholders in this respect. 

Research Area Institutions: 2.3 Containment of New Violent Actors