Visiting Fellow supports TraCe Research

We Welcome Prof. Dr Annika Björkdahl

In September and November, Prof. Dr Annika Björkdahl is Visiting Fellow at the Re­search Center “Transformations of Political Violence“.

Prof. Dr Annika Björkdahl is Professor of Political Science and Peace and Conflict Studies at Lund University in Sweden. Her re­search focuses on the spatial turn in peace and con­flict studies, memory politics and the cultural heritage of war, peace­building and transitional justice as well as norms in inter­national law.

As a Visiting Fellow with TraCe, she will work on the re­lationship between gender and peace in re­search areas 3.2 Memories of Violence and 3.3 Interpretations of Violence in the City. In particular, she will examine the back­lash against UNSCR 1325 and continue her re­search on women, peace, and se­curity from the perspective of politi­cal violence.

Prof. Dr Annika Björkdahl will stay at the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt.