Fifth TraCe Colloquium and General Meeting in Giessen

TraCe members come together for scientific and organizational exchange

TraCe PI Prof. Dr Monika Wingender during the Research Colloquium

On Friday, October 20, 2023, the fifth scientific TraCe Research Colloquium took place at Justus Liebig University Giessen. Also, members met for the subsequent General Meeting at JLU Giessen.

During the Research Colloquium, partici­pants exchanged in­sights into their respective research in two thematic blocks. Whereas during the first panel participants dis­cussed trans­formations in Eastern Europe from a historical and sociolinguistic pers­pective, the second panel was de­dicated to the United Nations. Participants criti­cally discussed the role and responsi­bility of the UN for peace and inter­national security.

The research colloquium was followed by a TraCe General Meeting, in which members from various locations addressed organi­zational and content-related issues. The members in­formed each other about their respective work processes, ex­changed ideas about further projects and, in small groups, formulated wishes and suggestions for further co­operation.