Second edition of the TraCe Lecture Series this winter term

Lecture series "Arguing Violence. Making Peace." on Wednesday evenings in Giessen

The TraCe Lecture Series continues this winter term in Giessen. Titled “Arguing Violence. Making Peace.”, every two weeks on Wed­nesday evenings the lecture series addresses the question of how vi­olence is argued and how peace is or can be made.

From multi­disciplinary perspectives, various scholars will illuminate in their lectures how language can be used both as an in­strument to contain the use of violence and to justify it. Whereas one con­tribution will subject Russian rhetoric to a discourse analysis, while others examine the extent to which anti-Semitism is norma­lized in the legal use of language in Germany or how theories of just wars in­clude protective potential for war victims. The lecture series will be con­clude with a panel discussion on peace options in Colombia. More in­formation on the program can be found here.

The lecture series takes place in English every second Wed­nesday from 6:15 - 7:45 pm at the GCSC (International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture), Con­ference Room 1 - Otto-Behaghel-Straße 12, Giessen.
The events will be streamed live on the TraCe YouTube channel and made availa­ble as a recording afterwards.
Unfortunately, the recording of the first session on 25.10.2023 is a­vailable only partly due to a technical issue.