Prof. Dr. Horst Carl

Principal Investigator | Deputy Member of Directorate

Foto von Horst Carl mit hellem Hintergrund.
Foto: Lehrstuhl Neuere Geschichte (JLU Gießen)

Why was the contain­ment of violence successful or un­successful in the past?

In my research, I am con­cerned with ‘communities of violence’, their role in excessive force, and historical security re­search. In the con­text of the early modern period, I focus on specific situations of violence such as breaches of land peace, occupation si­tuations, and inter­ventions by foreign powers (e.g., in the context of revolutionary upheavals after 1790). I am in­terested in mechanisms of contain­ment of violence, for example through legal in­stitutions, and for what reasons this succeeds or fails in each case.

Research Area Institutions: 2.1 Intervention and Prohibition in the Context of De-Colonization | 2.2 Justification of External Intervention as a Process of Problematic Normalization of Violence