Juliana González Villamizar

Associate Fellow

GGS. Fotografin: Katrina Friese

I am interested in the link between political violence and historical social hierarchies

In my research, I examine the extent to which transitional justice mechanisms and peacebuilding efforts are able to adress the link between political violence and long-term race, gender and class-based hierarchies. My work is based on a feminist research philosophy that emphasizes the situatedness of knowledge and aims to build ethical solidarity between activist and academic knowledge-production networks. In my research I acknowledge and emphasize the horizons of transformation that marginalized social actors enact in peacebuilding scenarios, such as Indigenous and Afrodescendent groups, women and gender/sexual dissidences, which exceed the framework of liberal modernity.

Research Area Interpretations: 3.1 Interpretation of Violence | 3.2 Memories of Violence