Lina Schneider

Research Associate

Foto von Lina Schneider

Through my research, I aim to contribute to making political violence tangible to inter­national institutions of conflict resolution.

In my research, I aim to respond to the trend towards intra-state inter­nationalized conflicts and non-state conflicts by examining the partly outdated in­stitutional regulations in the contain­ment and legitimation of political violence. By taking up post­colonial perspectives on trans­formative justice, I am to consider global inter­connections and historically founded in­equality in conflict. At the same time, such a perspective makes their intra-societal effects and potentials for conflict resolution at the local level tangible. Ultimately, through a trans­formative justice lens, my research aims to further the under­standing of political violence as a complex social phenomenon in its emergence and exercise and to find adaptations for the inter­national institutions of conflict resolution.

Research Area Institutions: 2.3 Containment of New Violent Actors