Miyerlandy Cabanzo Valencia

TU Darmstadt | October - December 2023

With my research, I aim to contribute to peacebuilding efforts in Colombia.

In my research, I investigate environ­mental conflicts and address issues of peace studies, participation as well as gender in Colombia. Having lived in Colombia and the longstanding armed conflict for all of my life, I am particularly in­terested in the local and peaceful resistance of marginali­zed groups such as women, LGBTIQ+ people, or ethnic groups against political violence. It is my goal both as a scholar and a peace­builder to provide space for a new generation to think and act critically. During my fellow­ship at TraCe, I will focus on the connections between mining and environ­mental conflicts, as well as the recent strikes in Colombia, and use qualita­tive methods to examine the role of women, LGBTIQ+, and technology in particular.

Research Area Forms: 1.2 New Forms of Political Violence and Technological Change