Prof. Dr. Nicolai Hannig

Principal Investigator

Foto von Nicolai Hannig mit einer Holztreppe im Hintergrund.
Foto: Lisa Feldmann

What role do spatial conditions play in the emergence of political violence?

I am interested in how and under which con­ditions peaceful protests have developed into violent street protests, which forms of violence are chosen, and how this has trans­formed over time. The city and street as spaces of conflictual, po­litical con­testation are at the center of my research. At TraCe, I want to find out to what extent the spatial con­ditions in the city play a role in the emer­gence of political violence and how actors adapt their stra­tegies and practices accordingly. In order to answer this, I will focus on political violence in cities in the 20th century.

Research Area Interpretations: 3.3 Interpretation of Violence in the City