Sara-Luise Spittler

Research Associate

Foto von Sara-Luise Spittler vor weißem Hintergrund.

How did actors inter­act in violent street protests?

The focus of my research is on the concrete practice of violence in urban space. I examine the inter­pretations and practices of political violence in the street since the 1970s. Especially, I am in­terested in the historical mutability of con­crete, time- and place-dependent dy­namics of violence, protest strategies, and state inter­vention. Based on protest events in European cities, such as the Brixton Riots, specific squatting events, and large-scale demonstra­tions, I want to focus on the central actors: these include not only the pro­testers, but also the security forces and by­standers, as well as the re­spective possibilities and limita­tions of urban space.

Research Area Interpretations: 3.3 Interpretation of Violence in the City