Astrid Erll receives honorary doctorate from the University of Copenhagen

Faculty of Humanities honors research in Memory Studies

TraCe co-spokesperson and PI Prof. Dr Astrid Erll receives an honorary doctorate from the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Copenhagen. With this nomi­nation, the Faculty recognizes Astrid Erll's research in the field of memory studies as an im­portant contribution to the consolidation of the research field.

The research discipline of memory studies connects history, sociology and psychology with language, media and cultural studies. The central object of in­vestigation is individual and collective memory, how it is formed, how it pro­duces and remembers the past and at the same time in­fluences the present and future. Astrid Erll's research in particular has expanded the field trans­nationally through contributions in internationally acclaimed textbooks. In addition, Astrid Erll has advanced the field of cultural memory as a dynamic method of in­vestigating the past and present. Cultural me­mory manifests itself in monuments, family histories and media. As a result, we are not only pro­ducts of history and surrounded by memory, but can in­teract with it and actively shape it. As part of her work in Research Area 3.2 Memories of Violence, Astrid Erll is in­vestigating how trans­formations of political violence occur through collective memory.

On November 10, Astrid Erll will give her honorary doctorate lecture titled “War, Climate Change, Racism: How Memory shapes Europe today”. In the lecture, she will examine how - to a large extent - con­temporary challenges such as the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine, climate change or racist and anti-Semitic violence are  pro­ducts of the past and our collective memory.