Excellence Award from the State of Hesse for peace research

TraCe PI Nicole Deitelhoff receives Loewe Top Professorship

On June 1, 2023, TraCe PI Prof. Dr Nicole Deitelhoff will receive the LOEWE top professor­ship from the state of Hesse. The professorship and the associated re­search group are located at both Goethe University Frankfurt and the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt. Deitelhoff will receive funding of nearly three million euros until May 31, 2028.

The LOEWE-funding will enable Nicole Deitelhoff to continue her re­search on the productivity of conflicts in Frankfurt and connects to her re­search activities within TraCe. The question of how peace orders must be de­signed to promote trust and sustainably limit violent con­flicts remains at the center of her re­search. At TraCe, she works in the research area Institutions: Prevention and Legitimization of Political Violence.

In view of the cen­tral challenges in European and global security policy, the professor­ship therefore strengthens both Hesse as a re­search location and peace research in general. Thus, the Hessian Minister of Science, Angela Dorn, con­gratulated Nicole Deitelhoff on Twitter and thanked her for the important expertise she provides to politics through her work.

More information can be found in PRIF's press release (in German).