Regine Schwab visits Stathis Kalyvas

Planned research stay in Oxford

From October to December 2023, Dr Regine Schwab will be a visiting researcher at the University of Oxford. Prof. Stathis Kalyvas, Professor of Politics and International Relations and member of TraCe's International Scientific Advisory Board, will be her host.

At TraCe, Dr. Regine Schwab conducts research on the forms, causes, and consequences of political violence and on the containment of new violent actors. In particular, ideological changes, violence against civilians and transformation processes are the focus of her research. The focus of her research stay in Oxford is the revision of her book manuscript on Armed Group Relationships in Multiparty Civil Wars as well as the work on a funding proposal for her project on Weaponization of Civilian Infrastructure.

Prof. Stathis Kalyvas is internationally known for his research on (political) violence. He opened the first annual conference of the Research Center with his keynote address “Political Violence: Grand Patterns and Basic Concepts“ and enriched the conference with his metaperspective on political violence. Kalyvas is also working on other issues relevant to TraCe, such as the classic constellations of actors in political violence, the processes of collective identity formation, and the transitions to violent forms of political conflict.