The TraCe Team Grows

Association of Dr Özge Özdemir and Dr des. Hendrik Simon

In December, two new associate fellows started working with TraCe.

Dr. Özge Özdemir is a postdoctoral researcher at the Frankfurt Memory Studies Platform and works as an associate fellow in research area 3.2 on memories of political violence. She investigates the relationship between political violence, memory, and mobility through the case of political exiles from Turkey who were forced to flee after the 1980 military coup in Turkey.

Dr. des. Hendrik Simon is researcher at PRIF and an associate fellow in research area 4.1 Language and Language Change and research area 4.3 Pacification or Transformation. He investigates changes and continuities in the way political violence has been conceptually and normatively ordered in modernity and aims to identify central definitions, concepts, and narratives, as well as discursive ruptures, continuities, and contingencies.