Workshop „Repression, Conflict and Trust“ took place in Frankfurt

TraCe and ConTrust organized workshop on 6 June 2023

On June 6, 2023, the Workshop “Repression, Conflict and Trust” was hosted in Frankfurt. Organized by the cluster project ConTrust as well as the Regional Research Center TraCe, the workshop addressed experts from sub-disciplines of repression research. The workshop aimed to shed light on the relationship between conflict and state repression. Researchers discussed repression in different world regions and political systems on two panels. Drawing on recent developments in repression research regarding the inclusion of temporal and spatial dimensions, the workshop aimed to develop a deeper understanding of the transformations of repression over time.

To this end, researchers on the first panel focused on mobilization and repression drawing on Jordan and Colombia as examples. TraCe PI Jonas Wolff, who also co-organized the Workshop, participated with a contribution on “Violence against social activists in Colombia”. After a Coffee break, researchers on the second panel explored transformations of police violence in Germany, Brazil and the Philippines. At the end of the Workshop, participants came together for a dinner and a concluding get-together.