Prof. Dr. Anika Oettler

Principal Investigator

Foto von Anika Oettler vor hellem Hintergrund.

Drawing on Colombia as an example, I explore the justifi­cation of past and present political violence with a focus on gender-specific im­plications.

My research at TraCe is situated in the field of transitional/trans­formative justice and collective memory in Colombia. Particularly, I am in­terested in justifications of past and present para­military, insurgent and state violence which seeks to pre­vent, enable and sanction deviations from norms. gendered and sexual dis­sidence. The question I pursue is whether the complex inter­actions between violent actors and social move­ments (local, national, transnational) lead to multi­layered gendered orders of social life.

Research Area Interpretations: 3.1 Interpretation of Violence | 3.2 Memories of Violence