Dr. Annika Elena Poppe

Academic Coordinator (part time 50%)

Annika Elena Poppe mit blauer Jacke vor grünem Hintergrund

Connecting all the dots at the research center is my key responsibility.

As academic coordinator, I have an overview of all TraCe-relevant activities and keep a firm eye on plans and objectives. In addition to the general manage­ment of the directorate, this includes the coordi­nation of the scientific work of the research center, such as general quality con­trol or the publication of the TraCe publication series. Strategic planning for the future of the re­search center (beyond the current funding period) also falls within my area of responsi­bility. Together with the colleagues from know­ledge transfer, I plan TraCe events and coordinate the center's public appearance. I also promote the PRIF-internal net­working and cooperation of TraCe re­searchers. The support of early career researchers, which is also the focus of my freelance work as a coach, is particularly close to my heart.