Prof. Dr. Hanna Pfeifer

Principal Investigator | Member of Directorate

Foto von Hanna Pfeifer vor hellem Hintergrund.
Foto: Linsenmomente

I want to under­stand why Arab states are increasingly involved in military inter­ventions in civil wars in their neighborhood.

Over the last decade, civil wars that broke out in the after­math of the Arab uprisings have been marked by their in­creased internationa­lization. Next to “typical” interveners in the region, i.e., the US and its Western allies who are militarily active at dif­ferent levels, with varying in­tensity, and mainly in the name of counter-terrorism, other actors have emerged in as ordering powers in re­gional politics, resorting to the use of force to pursue their goals. Arab states some­times cooperate with the “Western concert” but also act uni­laterally or in (new and shifting) regional alliances. The project pursued in the context of TraCe seeks to under­stand the emergence of military inter­ventions as pursued by Arab states in the wars in Libya, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, as well as the way in which cooper­ation is organized among them, and between them and Western states.

Research Area Forms: 1.1 Findings on the Forms, Causes and Consequences of Political Violence