Dr. Kaya de Wolff

Research Associate

Foto von Kaya de Wolff vor schwarzem Hintergrund.

My research on memories of political violence com­bines theoretical concepts of interdiscipli­nary memory studies with approaches from media and communi­cation studies as well as questions of recog­nition and social justice. 

I understand media culture and memory culture studies as a form of contempo­rary social analysis. In particular, I am inte­rested in the ambivalent role and trans­formative potentials of old and new media in the pro­duction and networking of media (counter)publics. In doing so, I adopt a criti­cal postcolonial-feminist pers­pective and also draw on social move­ment studies to examine the trans­formations of memory discourses and memory spaces for margina­lized groups in the Global South. The regional focus of my case studies is on the entangle­ments of social memory, media culture, and (the interpretation of) political violence in Brazil.

Research Area Interpretations: 3.2 Memories of Violence