Lam-Phuong Nguyen Pham

Research Associate

Foto von Lam-Phương Nguyễn Phạm vor einer Holzwand.
Foto: Xuan-Son Nguyen

In resear­ching political violence, I am particularly inter­ested in the gender dimension.

My research interests within Inter­national Relations and Peace and Conflict Studies primarily include femi­nist perspectives, (post-) conflict settings, and the trans­formation of socialist societies. I place a re­gional focus on Asia in my re­search, looking at North and South Korea as well as Vietnam in particular. In re­searching political violence, I am parti­cularly interested in theoretical, methodological, and epistemo­logical innovations as well as the trans­formation of political violence in re­lation to the gender dimension.

Research Area Synergies: 4.2 Theoretical Innovations