Prof. Dr. Lisbeth Zimmermann

Principal Investigator

Foto von Lisbeth Zimmermann vor hellem Hintergrund.
Foto: ZU/Samuel Groesch

To what extent can inter­nationalization on one hand and local solutions on the other contribute to trans­formations of political violence?

Peaceful conflict resolution has experienced a veritable surge of inter­nationalization and institutionalization over the past 25 years: peace­keeping missions are receiving ever more extensive mandates, and peace­building activities now re­present a focus of inter­national organizations and NGOs. At the same time, due to complex conflicts, a certain inter­vention fatigue can be ob­served among many states as well as an in­creasing search for local solutions. My research at TraCe ties in with this tension between inter­nationalization and local solutions. I am working on the con­ditions of sustainable peace­building and focus on the role of inter­national institutions.

Research Area Institutions: 2.3 Containment of New Violent Actors