Dr. Sabine Mannitz

Principal Investigator | Deputy Member of Directorate

Foto von Sabine Mannitz mit weißem Hintergrund.
Foto: PRIF

I am particularly interested in the debates around inter­national and intra-societal processing of colonial violence that have unfolded in recent years.

Political violence is inter­twined with the impact of normative projections on social identifi­cations. Translations of these projections take place between institutions and indi­vidual as well as collective actors: What can be understood as a ‘good’ life? At what price should it be defended – even at the cost of death? Under the con­ditions of Europeanization, globali­zation and super-diversity, these questions are constantly re­negotiated in modern societies. Using the inter­national and intra-societal processing of colonial violence, I therefore study the relation­ships between normative dis­course, collective action and re­presentations of past violence and examine what new conflicts emerge in the post­colonial setting

Research Area Interpretations: 3.1 Interpretation of Violence