Prof. Dr. Sybille Frank

Principal Investigator

Foto von Sybille Frank in schwarz weiß.

It is my goal to under­stand the relationship between (non-)state political violence and urban spaces.

Are there specifi­cally urban forms of political violence? What strategic role does the structu­ral design of a city play in ex­ercise and containment of political violence? What role does the social and cultural hetero­geneity of urban spaces play? I under­stand large cities (not only) of the Western world as centers of new trans­local, network-like practices of violence. This applies both in the con­text of wars, terror­ism, and violent protests that use cities as vul­nerable infra­structural and sociocultural nodes as well as sites of high media attention, and in the context of in­creased surveil­lance of public spaces. In my re­search at TraCe, I examine urban streets and squares where Islamist ter­rorists have carried out deadly attacks on pedestrians with trucks/vans in recent years (Nice 2016, ­Berlin 2016, London 2017, Stock­holm 2017, and ­Barcelona 2017).

Research Area Interpretations: 3.3 Interpretation of Violence in the City