Prof. Dr. Thilo Marauhn

Principal Investigator | Member of Directorate

Foto von Thilo Marauhn vor grünem Hintergrund.
Foto: JLU / Rolf K. Wegst

My research in international law deals with legal issues related to arms control and collective security.

In my inter­national law research, I am interested in the contain­ment of armed violence (military force) in inter­national relations. In addition to ius ad bellum, ius in bello (often label­led as inter­national humanitarian law) forms a cen­tral part of my re­search. As such, research on arms control law has been a key area of my work. By resear­ching legal issues, I hope to con­tribute to strengthening norms against chemical and biolo­gical weapons. In addition, I ad­dress legal questions of col­lective security from the perspec­tive of the history of inter­national law as well as fact-finding in armed conflicts.

Research Area Institutions: 2.1 Intervention and Prohibition in the Context of De-Colonization | 2.2 Justification of External Intervention as a Process of Problematic Normalization of Violence | 2.3 Containment of New Violent Actors