Alchemy and Violence: A Decolonial Approach to Peace

Lecture Series

Alternative date for cancelled Lecture of TraCe lecture series "Perspectives on Violence in the 21st Century"

Making up for the cancelled lecture of the TraCe lecture series, organized by Felix Anderl and Mariel Reiss of Marburg Uni­versity, Melz Owusu will speak on "Alchemy and Violence: A Decolonial Approach to Peace". Melz Owusu is a PhD Candidate at Cambridge Uni­versity, working on visions for collective liberation. Their research interests include Black Feminist Thought, Epistemo­logies and Gender Studies as well as Decolo­nial Theories and decolo­nising education. 

When? Tuesday, Febuary 07 2023, 18:15-20:15 pm

Where? Online via Zoom and YouTube

The lecture will be given in english on Zoom and streamed live on our YouTube Channel. In order to participate in the discussion, please attend the Zoommeeting and register here.