Alchemy and Violence: A Decolonial Approach to Peace

Lecture Series

Tenth lecture of TraCe lecture series "Perspectives on Violence in the 21st Century"

Update: Unfortunately, the lecture has been cancelled!

The tenth lecture of the TraCe lecture series, organized by Felix Anderl and Mariel Reiss of Marburg Uni­versity, is given by Melz Owusu and titled "Alchemy and Violence: A Decolonial Approach to Peace". Melz Owusu is a PhD Candidate at Cambridge Uni­versity, working on visions for collective liberation. Their research interests include Black Feminist Thought, Epistemolo­gies and Gender Studies as well as Decolo­nial Theories and decolo­nising education. 

When? Tuesday, January 10 2023, 4:15-5:45 pm

Where? Philipps University Marburg, Biegenstrasse 12, Room 201 (+2/0010)

The TraCe lecture series in the winter term 2022/2023 will be held in person and in English. Additionally, the lecture will be streamed live on our YouTube Channel and a video recording will be made available after­wards. More information and the full pro­gram can be found on the Lecture Series' page (available in German and English).