Framing African Queer and Trans Mobilities: Absences, Presences and Challenges

Lecture Series

Lecture Series “De- and Reconstructing LGBTI*Q Politics in a Postcolonial World”


A critical examination of phenomena and trans­formations of political violence also requires conversations with those individuals and groups who experience violence. The lecture series at the Center for Gender Studies and Feminist Futures Studies at the Philipps University Marburg there­fore opens up a space for an inter­disciplinary exchange between academics and activists.

The fifth lecture is given by B Camminga. B Camminga is a re­search associate at the African Centre for Migration & Society at Wits University and work on issues relating to gender identity and expression on the African continent with a focus on trans­gender migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers

When? Thursday, 11.05.2023, 1815 Uhr

Where? Raum: 201 (+2/0010), Verwaltungsgebäude der Universität Marburg, Biegenstrasse 12 | online (via Big Blue Button)

The lecture series is affiliated with TraCe. It is co-organized by TraCe researcher Mariel Reiss and ties in with her research in Research Area 3. Topics from the TraCe lecture series of the winter semester 2022/23 will also be addressed.