Canada compensates colonial violence - a step towards justice?

Principal Investigator Sabine Mannitz and Rita Theresa Kopp discuss Canadian decision in blog article

In their new blog article, "A Step Towards Justice: Canada Agrees to Compensate First Nations for Loss of Culture and Language", Dr Sabine Mannitz and Rita Theresa Kopp examine the government's compensation of 325 First Nations in Canada in light of colonial violence and past attempts at reconciliation.

In a January 2023 press conference, the Canadian government announced it would invest in revitalizing the language and culture of Canadian First Nations with a $2.8 billion settlement, thereby ending a 10-year pending court case between the government and First Nations.

In their blog article, Sabine Mannitz and Rita Theresa Kopp discuss the decision as an important step in promoting trust and reconciliation, but point out that the payment is long overdue and must be implemented quickly, as "indigenous peoples are in a race against time when it comes to revitalizing the cultures and languages of their ancestors."