TraCe Researchers participate in COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh

Markus Lederer an Verena Lasso Mena observe negotiations

Markus Lederer und Verena Lasso Mena auf der COP27

Climate change and environ­mental degradation pose devastating security threats to humanity. Major and urgent political efforts to miti­gate climate change are crucial to avert the most devastating con­sequences of the crisis for humans and the environ­ment and to stop climate-related violent conflicts now and in the future. 
TraCe members Prof. Dr Markus Lederer and Verena Lasso Mena from the Technical University of Darmstadt, partici­pated in the first week of the 27th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Con­vention on Climate Change in Egypt and got an on-site im­pression of this year's negotiations, policy approaches and happenings at the World Climate Conference in Sharm El-Sheikh.

This year's event focuses on key issues of climate adap­tation, loss and damage, and climate finance, high­lighting once again the high complexity of the challenges of co­operative security and develop­ment policy in a global context. Especially from wealthy emission-intensive indus­trialized countries, increasing engagement and a com­prehensive financial mechanism towards vul­nerable states with low climate-damaging emissions at high climate burdens are demanded at COP27 under the keyword "loss and damage". How­ever, expectations for the final dec­laration of Sharm El-Sheikh seem to be sub­dued so far. It re­mains to be seen how capable the inter­national climate diplomacy within the UN structure will be this year in shaping urgently needed pro­cesses and continuous progress. Also in view of climate change in its capacity as a multiplier of political violence, there are sig­nificant preventive approaches to curb new forms and di­mensions of violence.