TraCe goes Berlin: Policy dialogue with federal ministries & members of parliament

Bundled Colombia expertise for a non-public exchange with politicians

On November 22, TraCe or­ganized a non-public policy dialogue titled “One year of the Gustavo Petro government and the peace process in Colombia” at PRIF's Berlin office. The guests in­cluded representatives from the Federal Foreign Office and the Federal Mini­stry for Economic Cooperation and Development as well as members of the Bundestag working on Colombia. 

In their brief opening inputs, TraCe members Jonas Wolff, Anika Oettler, Stefan Peters and Laura Guntrum as well as Indira Murillo (CAPAZ) and Laura Camila Barrios Sabogal (PRIF) outlined current re­search perspectives. This was followed by a lively discussion with the eight guests from fe­deral politics, some of whom were present in person and some of whom were connected virtually from Berlin, Bonn and even Bogotá.

The event focused on the challenges and prospects of the peace policy agenda of the current Colombian ad­ministration. Participants discussed structural barriers as well as opportunities for peace­building, violence against activists, the treatment of gender-based violence, for example through the Special Juris­diction for Peace, feminist foreign and develop­ment policy, sustainability and the potential for international cooperation between Colombia and Germany. The event en­abled the exchange of specialist expertise and political assess­ments, a critical and confidential discussion and the articulation of mutual needs.

The one-and-a-half-hour policy dialogue was organized by TraCe in cooperation with the German-Colombian Peace Institute CAPAZ and took place as part of the PRIF event series PRIF Dialogue.

Read more: Barrios Sabogal, Laura Camila/López Álvarez, Santiago/Wolff, Jonas (2023): Reintegration through Local Interactions: The Colombian Peace Process from the Perspective of Rural Communities TraCe Policy Brief No. 2, 08.11.2023, DOI: 10.48809/PRIFTraCePB2302.