First Research Colloquium in Darmstadt

Interdisciplinary exchange with keynote speaker Stefan Malthaner

How is political violence understood? How is the concept of violence used in the literature? In what ways can forms of politi­cal violence and their change be described and how does re­search contribute to this change?

These were the questions address­ed by the first scientific colloquium of the TraCe research center at the TU Darmstadt, which took place on June 8. Organized by the participa­ting Darmstadt departments of Prof. Dr Markus Lederer, Prof. Dr Nicolai Hannig, Prof. Dr Sybille Frank and Prof. Dr Dr Christian Reuter, Prof. Stefan Malthaner (Hamburg Institute for Social Research) gave a lecture on forms of politi­cal violence and their changes in the beginning of the event. In particu­lar, the methodolo­gical impor­tance of concepts of form as a structurer for the field of research was ad­dressed in the following discussion.

In the following work­shop, the PhD students of the TraCe project presented their research projects and discussed them in the plenary session.

The interdiscipli­nary exchange revealed different perspectives on the concept of violence and showed opportunities and challenges of diverse re­search approaches.

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