The Impact of the War in Ukraine for Research on Violence

Lecture Series

Panel discussion as opener of TraCe lecture series "Perspectives on Violence in the 21st Century"

The first lecture of the TraCe lecture series, organized by Felix Anderl and Mariel Reiss of Marburg University, will be a panel dis­­cussion. Moderated by Thorsten Bonacker, Principal Investi­gator at TraCe and Professor at Marburg Uni­versity and the Centre for Conflict Studies, the following re­­searchers will discuss "The Impact of the war in Ukraine for Re­search on Violence":

  • Ivan Bakalov, Lecturer at Leiden Uni­versity, researches power dynamics in world politics with a special fo­cus on Eastern European trans­national politics
  • Monika Wingender, Professor at Justus Liebig Uni­versity Giessen, focuses on slavic linguistics and is particularly interes­ted in linguistic conflict studies and language politics 
  • Kerstin Zimmer, Lecturer at Philipps Uni­versity Marburg, is specialized in peace- and conflict studies and researches mi­gration, ethnic minorities and politi­cal and societal change in Eastern Europe
  • Yulia Kurnyshova, Taras Shevchenko National Uni­versity of Kyiv, focuses in her research on Ukrainian foreign policies and securi­ty studies

When? Tuesday, October 18 2022, 4:15-5:45 pm

Where? Philipps University Marburg, Biegenstrasse 12, Room 201 (+2/0010)

The TraCe lecture series in the winter term 2022/2023 will be held in person and in English. A A video re­cording will be made available after­wards. More infor­mation and the full program can be found on the Lecture Series' page (available in German and English).